PP041: Master of None


Chef, Lukas und Marcel wagen es, über Humor zu reden und besprechen die im November auf Netflix erschienene Comedy-Serie Master of None.


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RTC026: Mr. Robot


Chef, Lukas, Marcel und Pfleidi streifen sich die schwarzen Kapuzenpullis über, starten Tor und begeben sich ins Darknet, um über die Hackerserie Mr. Robot zu sprechen.


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PP040: Wayward Pines


Chef, Lukas und Marcel besprechen Wayward Pines, eine neue Mystery-Serie auf Fox.


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PP039: Daredevil


Chef, Lukas, Marcel und Pfleidi sprechen über Daredevil, eine Superheldenserie, die Netflix in Zusammenarbeit mit Marvel produziert.


\“I beg for forgiveness\“


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PP38: Constantine


Chef, Lukas, Marcel und Phil haben letztes Jahr über \“Constantine\“ gesprochen. Nachdem die Folge eine Weile gereift ist, könnt ihr nun endlich hören, was wir von der NBC-Version der \“Hellblazer\“-Comics halten!

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PP37: Gotham


In nahezu riesiger Runde treffen sich Phil, Marcel, Chef und Lukas um die neue Serie Gotham zu prüfen.

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When it all said and done it going to be something I going to

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As a defensive corps, what it high quality replica bags has

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All three are expected to make a deal before July 31; the

Officials have announced the Dixie Highway project is on schedule. (Source: WAVE 3 News)Louisville Metro partnered with the Kentucky Transportation cabinet in December 2017 to help improve safety and efficiency along the roadway https://www.onlinereplicabags.com , and questions from concerned residents and drivers have been pouring in since. Officials said workers continued construction through the wet winter to ensure the $35 million project stayed on schedule.to the drivers out here who are dealing with this construction every day, I know it’s a pain, Mayor Greg Fischer said.

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A startup needs to have a strong social media canada goose

Although, you can find chiffon dresses in bright colors and prints, it looks more elegant in plain as well as in monochromatic colors. The simplicity of the dress will make you feel that you are always walking on the red carpet. You can wear blue chiffon prom dress depending on the occasion.

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