RTC025: Rick & Morty


Chef, Lukas und Marcel stellen ihre neue Lieblingsserie Rick & Morty vor.

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RTN035: Fratboy Bully Asshole


Chef, Lukas, Marcel und Pfleidi haben sich im Wikigeeks-Studio getroffen, um über Scherze, sprechende Waschbären, blutige Kleinstadtmilieus, nicht ganz furchtbare Serien und unseren Erlöser Godzilla zu reden.

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Dial in a wide array of sounds with the volume

Luchter, luft. Ger. Link, Du. There are a couple of key advantages to going the fee only route. First, you don’t have to worry that your planner is making a recommendation to generate fees. Second, you get a better idea of how much you’ll be paying for advice.

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These young girls today are too damn disrespectful

It appears being faithful is so rare these days, people are actually condoning violence in the cheap Canada Goose name of virtue.Recently a video went viral of a man and woman arguing canada https://www.gestiontb.ca goose black friday sale inside of what appears to Canada Goose sale be a bodega (a small grocery store). In the canada goose store video, you can see a young woman confronting Canada Goose online a male customer at the counter, tapping Canada Goose Parka his head to get his attention. Things quickly go left as the woman tells the man he hasn’t been answering her calls, with his response being that he has a girlfriend, and hers being, “I don’t Canada Goose Jackets care!” After a round of canada goose words, the woman appears to Canada Goose Outlet spit on the man, and as she walks out, he grabs a bottle, hits her over the head with it, and causes her to fall: #PressPlay 😳 A young lady confronts her male friend for not texting canada goose clearance her back and things got violent 😩 Thoughts?? via: @bh_rayray @deasiahartofficialA post shared by HOLLYWOOD UNLOCKED (@hollywoodunlocked) on Jan 4, 2018 at 8:13am PSTUnsurprisingly, the video has canada goose coats on sale been making Canada Goose Online its rounds on social media. buy canada goose jacket Surprisingly, however, are the amount canada goose replica of people, both men and women, who are condoning the acts of canada goose coats violence. Via social media:“My mother said if a women spit on you beat her ass a black women raised”“I don’t believe in violence but this was self defense 😂😂😂😂😂“Right! She disrespectful 😂😂😂”“Uh uh! She was doing tooo damn much anyways”“You don’t get canada goose outlet a pass becas u female! U act like a dude u get dealt with like a dude! Be a woman conduct yourself as such.”“Personally ion [i don’t] feel bad for the hoe. She was already doin the most when she approached him. Her action was his reaction😭”“She buy canada goose jacket cheap got just what she deserved. These young girls today are too damn disrespectful.”“I’ma need my man to be THIS level of faithful to me!”“You keep talking about man perpetuating violence against women but once again you refuse to admit that it was the women whom initiated. I will NEVER state that it’s OK for men to hit a woman because it’s absolutely not. But at the same time because you refuse to condemn the woman’s actions you are also justifying physical abusivness and harassment. All of which is assault. Neither side was right but as a society we need to publicly and actively condemn both to sides. Not just simply pick and choose which side we want to condemn and which side we want to ignore”As time passed, some began to speculate the authenticity of the video, and called it out as “fake,” considering that the footage was originally Canada Goose Coats On Sale posted on the pages of both the canada goose clearance sale man and woman seen in the video. However, news of the realistic skit being less than legit has only recently made its rounds. The bigger conversation here — is virtue so rare these days, that people are actually condoning violence in the name of remaining faithful?You can see in the video that the alleged female actress told the man she “doesn’t care,” about his girlfriend, and even boasts about being curvier than her. Upon assumption of the footage being real, many people in the comments ignored the problematic  level of violence the canada goose deals situation escalated to, and instead honed in on the man’s decision to be faithful. While violence should never be condoned on either sides, it’s almost crazy to think that people would praise a bottle being cracked upside one’s head as the proper response to the above.On the plus side, domestic violence is all too real, in the real world. We’re just happy canadian goose jacket to know that this wasn’t the case here.

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RTC PP E33: Cosmos


Chef und Marcel sprechen über die neue Version von Cosmos, Wissenschaftsgeschichte und die Phlogistontheorie.

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She was among five of the eight children in the family Canada

Lloyd’s Chicago, 1 S. The name is an homage to famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, which explains the Prairie School decorative touches throughout the spacious dining room. The place is built for speed, but the interiors are handsome enough to keep the jacket and tie types comfortable plus there’s Wi Fi access throughout the dining room. The straightforward American menu by chef Eak Prukpitikul (who also oversees sister property Catch 35) includes a crunchy coconut shrimp appetizer ($8), pecan crusted catfish with sweet potato fries ($15, above) and good pastas, including a brie and garlic stuffed ravioli special ($15). The Civic Opera House is across the street; keep this in mind for pre performance dining. (Phil Vettel/Tribune).

Endowed with large deposits of coal and iron as well as „old growth“ hardwood forests needed to produce charcoal, the Youngstown area eventually developed a thriving steel industry. The area’s first blast furnace was established to the east of town in 1803 by James and Daniel Heaton.[40] In time, the availability of fossil fuels contributed to the development of other coal fired mills, including the Youngstown Rolling Mill Company, which was established in 1846.[41] By the mid 19th century, Youngstown was the site of several iron industrial plants, notably David Tod’s Brier Hill Iron Coal Company.[42] The iron canada goose store industry continued to expand in the 1890s, despite the Canada Goose Jackets depletion of local natural resources. Steel in 1901 related site, the corporate entity absorbed Youngstown’s premier steel producer, the National Steel Company.[44] One year earlier, however, a group of city investors took steps to ensure high levels of local ownership in the area’s industrial sector.

Are always thinking what could have been or if she was still alive what she would have done with her life. Worked at a coffee shop in Southgate Mall and always drove the same route home to her family farm near Beaumont. She was among five of the eight children in the family Canada Goose Outlet still living at home..

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It covered more than 400 acres and demanded 10,000 man hours from volunteers and emergency personnel. It cost the Sheriff’s Office more than $33,000.Hering finally was located and arrested in Port Angeles, Wash., in November 2008 while cheap canada goose sale trying to board a plane piloted by his father.With little evidence of Johnson’s whereabouts found during the searches, Pelle said investigators have turned their focus to detective work, and will not be cheap canada goose jacket doing any more ground searches unless something turns up.“The majority of the work we’re doing now Canada Goose online is investigatory,“ Pelle said. „The majority of the search is being taken up by the family.“Hundreds of friends and family searched the Walker Ranch Loop last week in an effort to find any signs of Johnson.Johnson’s father, Rick, said he is still talking with Boulder County officials to determine canada goose outlet sale what the next step should be for volunteers helping in the search for Johnson.Johnson is described as a white male standing 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing 155 pounds with Canada Goose sale brown hair and brown eyes.

But remaining close to grown children, I know, isn’t really about proximity, or having things in common. It’s about being willing to let our differences change us and teach us to find new common ground. It is not about being present as a parent, but being eager to grow as a person..

Aug 20:CU Boulder joins national bid to stream eclipse from cheap canada goose outlet research balloonsAug 18:The hunt for eclipse glasses: 5,000 snatched up today in Boulder, Longmont Aug 17:Kate Becker: The American eclipseBoulder County eclipse viewers headed to Wyoming will have company.Enthusiasm across the zone of totality, which will slice through both Wyoming and Nebraska, continued to run high despite a Friday forecast that envisioned partly cloudy skies in that region on Monday for what is being called canada goose clearance the Great American Eclipse.Because of its high elevation, historically drier conditions and its positioning in the maximum obscuration path of an eclipse that will reach from Oregon to South Carolina related website https://www.gestiontb.ca , Wyoming is expecting anywhere from 50,000 to 600,000 out of canada goose black friday sale state visitors by Monday, with about half of the eclipse enthusiasts expected to be motoring northward from Colorado.Every location within Wyoming will experience at least a 95 percent obscuration, whereas in Boulder County it will be just 93 percent. On Friday, one Wyoming official said early trends indicated heavier use is being made of secondary roads.“It appears to me we’re seeing a lot of vehicles come into the state on the smaller roads. They are choosing not to travel on interstates,“ Wyoming Department of Transportation spokesman Doug cheap Canada Goose McGee said during a Friday press briefing.

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RTN034: Prequäl


Nachdem sich wochenlang die Terminkalender gegen die Retinauten verschworen haben, konnten sich nun endlich chef, Lukas und Marcel treffen, um sich über Star Wars, The Dreamers, die neue Fargo-Serie, kontroverse Serien-Finales, nachdenkliche Vampirfilme, unkonventionelle Interviewsendungen und neue Staffeln ihrer Lieblingsserien zu unterhalten.

Neue Hausaufgabe: Spring Breakers

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com)These are officially my new gold-standard for jeans

Fashion Road Test: The Best Denim for Your Derriere

Levi's Low Rise Skinny Jeans: Nothing like comfort, but better suited for a more slender girl Fidelity Stevie Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans: This pair of Canada Goose Parka jeans will nip and tuck James Jeans canada goose replica Humphrey High-Rise Flare Leg Jeans: Polished canada goose clearance sale with a great overall fit, these jeans are nearly Canada Goose Jackets perfect Victoria’s Secret Hipster Bootcut Jeans: Slimming canada goose deals and supportive, these jeans are the perfect match. <>Sometimes you need a little lift and tuck in the bottom department, but figuring out exactly which jeans offer the most oomph can become quite the quandary. From spandex jeggings to chambray slacks to rustic dungarees – which offers the best butt for your buck? Canada Goose Outlet Luckily for you, Canada Goose sale I've canada goose outlet tried on several pairs of jeans just so you’d be better equipped to wiggle into your very own perfect pair.Option #1: Levi’s Low-Rise Skinny Jeans ($78; us.levis.com) My old standbys, the Levi’s low-rise skinny jeans in a soft muted grey. I love these jeans. They're comfy like an old pair canada goose black friday sale of slippers, but don’t offer much support canada goose in the buttocks department. My somewhat still taut bottom looks soggy, loose and just undoubtedly Canada Goose Online unattractive. For an apple canada goose clearance shape like mine, a high-rise is canada goose store probably the better option. These are sadly not the best fit. It was time to upgrade.Option #2: Fidelity canada goose coats Stevie Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans($188; bluesjeanbar.com)The Fidelity jeans seemed like a perfect fit in the typical sense, and if I was looking to just slim Canada Goose online (not highlight) curves, this would be a great pair. These jeans sucked it all in but neglected to lift. Instead, it felt and looked like I had on a denim pair of Spanx. Though these were a great looking buy canada goose jacket cheap pair of jeans, I think they’d be more suitable for someone cheap Canada Goose seeking a tailored fit.Option #3: James Jeans Humphrey High-Rise Flare Canada Goose Coats On Sale Leg Jeans ($185; jamesjeans.us)This was a very fancy pair of jeans. They might even be called your “special occasion” jeans. They looked polished and felt great on, and the lift buy canada goose jacket was actually quite respectable as well. https://www.forcanadagoose.ru I felt sucked in and lifted without that snug feeling. These were an almost perfect pair of jeans, except I longed for a bit more support around the back pocket area. But all and all, I’d give these jeans a go!Option #4: Victoria’s Secret Hipster Bootcut Jeans ($69.50; victoriassecret.com)These are officially my new gold-standard for jeans. canadian goose jacket I’m forever indebted to you Victoria’s Secret for these London Collection denim wonders. The jeans slimmed out my thighs, creating a lean look without suppressing my bottom. The high-rise on the leg was comfortable and it cupped my lady lumps just perfectly. I felt supported yet free! Yes, canada goose coats on sale we have a winner.

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Later avoided when Tembo’s dinosaur expert panics from a snake

Blood Knight: Gray, who was excommunicated from the Sankt Church as a result. Blue and Orange Morality: Quattro herself admits she has no sense of morality. That doesn’t mean she’s willing to take the moral high ground if it allows her to survive. Break the Badass: The Aces and Wolkenritter sure have their bad days upon fighting LOGOS, but Nanoha suffers the worst of it,seeing everyone she knows either getting slaughtered by LOGOS or becoming terrorists. Buried Alive: Zafira, thanks to stopping the landslide at Narita.

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Replica Hermes Lipstick Lesbian: Sam, the player character’s sister, does not fit into any particular stereotype with regards to her sexuality. Richard Greenbriar to Terry and Sam. Never Trust a Trailer: The game was played up as a horror title. It’s actually an interactive narrative with limited player input with occasional „creepy“ elements thrown in. No Antagonist: After previous games like Slender or Amnesia, you’d expect to run into a few jump scares from a horrifying monster or something. You are, after all, exploring a dark house all by yourself in a thunderstorm. Replica Hermes

Hermes Handbags He insults and attacks others to make himself feel better and abuses his power. Berserk Button: Celestia was rather fine with Luna’s ideals, until she finds out Luna’s plan would result generations of the common pony being oppressed by nobles and bloody wars with Luna seeing it as „a small price to pay“. Catapult Nightmare: Luna does this after a lengthy nightmare about Celestia becoming openly tyrannical. Children Are Innocent: Apple Bloom is thrilled to meet Luna, having not yet made the connection between her return and that of Nightmare Moon. Hermes Handbags

Hermes Replica Official Couple: With Mr. Rebecca. As of 2016, they’re even married! Overly Long Gag: His yell of „WHOOOOOAAAAA“ as he uses a fire extinguisher in Airport Firefighter Simulator lasts for quite a while. He got into an argument with Cleverbot repeatedly alternating between „No, I don’t“ and „Yes you do“. According to the ensuing caption, it took over 26 minutes. The Training Montage from his first solo Gang Beasts video. Perfectly Cromulent Word: He uses the phrase, „delicate flambambos of chocolate“ in his Cook, Serve, Delicious video, possibly as a hurried corruption of the word, „flamb Well done, brain. Hermes Replica

Hermes Replica Handbags Bad People Abuse Animals: Stark zaps a compy with a cattle prod early on. It come back to bite him (literally) when the compies kill him. Bald of Awesome: Roland Tembo, the big game hunter hired by the baddies to lead the hunt. Despite being bald and middle aged, he’s on the island to hunt the last big game creature left: a freaking bull Tyrannosaurus rex. He accomplishes it to boot. Bald of Evil: Roland is also one of the film’s villains, albeit one of the Noble Demon variety. Base on Wheels: The trailers used by Malcolm’s team. Bilingual Bonus: After Stark chases off the compies that attacked him, he can be heard muttering angrily in Swedish as he walks away. It’s pretty easy to guess the sentiment even if you don’t understand the actual words, which boil down to „fucking lizards“. As a group of Japanese businessmen run from a T. rex in San Diego, one of them shouts, „We left Japan to get away from this!“ Bloodless Carnage: When Eddie is yanked in half, there’s no gore to be seen. Later avoided when Tembo’s Hermes Replica Bag dinosaur expert panics from a snake and runs right into the T. rex the waterfall everyone is hiding in becomes blood red. Similarly played straight with the „Unlucky Bastard“, we see him get chomped on but again, no blood or gore. Averted when Dieter Stark gets mauled by compies camera pans down to the stream. and a slowly but surely growing cloud of blood. Bring It Back Alive: The goal of the InGen hunters. Brick Joke: Eddie Carr chastises Ian for banging the satellite https://www.hermessreplica.com phone in an attempt to get it to work. A minute later, while Ian is meeting Nick van Owen, Eddie is fiddling with the phone and starts banging it. Also counts as a Funny Background Event. Buffy Speak: Roland Tembo has quite a bit of trouble with the pronunciation of the dinosaurs‘ names.[Chasing dinosaurs on the game trail] Hermes Replica Handbags.

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Gli abbiamo chiesto di venire ad Arcore

Valentino Replica Russian President Vladimir Putin concurred and openly supported Kuchma’s choice. And just like in the old days, Russia’s godson was „elected“ in a crooked election, over reformist Yushchenko.. Being aware of the audio formats supported natively by Windows Media Player 11 is a good start to working out what files you can or cannot playback. There is a chance that you will encounter more severe audio issues in Windows 7, but on the whole the majority of problems that you might encounter that are not hardware or driver related will require updated audio codecs. Valentino Replica

Replica Valentino Handbags In ODIs, though, Sarwan finished with highly impressive numbers, averaging a healthy 42.67 from 181 games, at a strike rate of more than 75. While most top order batsmen tend to have higher averages in Tests than in ODIs, for Sarwan it has worked the other way. Replica Valentino Handbags

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Cheap Valentino Handbags After a week of version and revision we pretty close to having the designs for the cabinets (shelving) in the kitchen and on the second floor complete. We had always had a pretty good idea what they would be, but this week we spec them in enough detail that we can Replica Valentino Handbags have the „boxes“ built and afterward we will finish and install them ourselves.. Cheap Valentino Handbags

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Valentino Replica Bags The labels: Ted Baker and Hugo Boss. „Those lines have some splash to them, but they’re still very elegant,“ Adair said. Ambiance Mall: It is located on the prime location of NH 8 at the Delhi Gurgaon border. This mall was opened in the last month of the year 2007. Valentino Replica Bags

valentino rockstud replica handbag Fabric Quality: Whenever you selecting bridal lehenga choli, always keep in mind that the fabric quality is the most important thing about a dress. Bride has to wear that lehenga for the entire wedding function and if the fabric material isn right then the entire dress is ruined valentino rockstud replica handbag.

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