When I got word of this, I noticed that a 32x canada goose

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Canada Goose Jackets 5 points submitted 5 hours agoHonestly, I never gotten through HGSS, even if Gen 4 is my canada goose uk black friday favorite. I in Jasmine gym with an underleveled team and I just kinda bored of it. The level curve and Pokmon selection are absolutely awful and really should been fixed from GSC. HGSS does have a lot of nice minor things though, like the run toggle on the bottom screen, following Pokmon, Route 47 amazing music, Gameboy sounds, etc. They definitely good games, but Platinum is way better.sadisticmystic1 176 points submitted 1 day agoBasically, if you run a Rollout or Ice Ball to completion but one of the hits breaks Canada Goose sale Mimikyu disguise, the damage multiplier for that hit doesn increment properly: instead of 1 2 4 8 16 (without a previous Defense Curl) or 2 4 8 16 32 (with Defense Curl), you can have something like 1 2 disguise 4 8 or 2 4 disguise 8 16. Canada Goose Outlet The Rollout ends correctly after the 5th hit, but the Rollout multiplier gets confused: it thinks there still one more hit to come. What ends up happening is that after its conclusion, you can use any canada goose number of status moves freely, but Canada Goose Coats On Sale the next time you use a damaging attack, the game applies the canada goose clearance sale lingering 16x or 32x multiplier to that attack, no matter what it is. The discovery video includes a demonstration where they use that effect to OHKO a L100 Gyarados with a L1 Galvanize Geodude Explosion, where it would only make about a 5% dent canadian goose jacket if not for that stored multiplier.When I got word of this, I noticed that a 32x canada goose coats multiplier was sufficient to reach unprecedented territory: tacking that onto existing big damage setups was capable of producing numbers so high that uk canada goose outlet they exceeded the storage space for 32 canada goose factory sale bit data types.I hypothesized that by using some carefully crafted numbers, I could engineer a hit that landed just beyond the overflow point and, assuming the 3DS used 32 bit ints in its calculations, it might wrap around to a low number. Last night, after concocting the test suite and putting up with several misfires, I managed to get Canada Goose Jackets an accurate test of that mechanic, which you can watch in a couple different ways:USUM battle video (accessible in game from Festival Plaza): AHMW WWWW WWWL YQN7Despite Mew having a double resistance and Pikachu being burned, if the game was capable of fully handling the huge numbers involved at every step of the way, that Bolt Strike was supposed to deal about 10 million damage. On the other hand, if the game couldn in fact handle it and wrapped around instead, I expected that it would actually deal between 317 and 374 damage, low enough for Mew to survive. Sure enough, it landed on 347.With that in mind, anyone dreams of tacking Rollout storage onto already massive Shuckle or Pikachu setups were crushed at once: if you try to go all out with that, you lose almost all the damage to rollover, so that instead of 20 billion damage you get less than 79 million. Not bad compared to the damage that normally gets thrown around in battles, but canada goose clearance not an improvement.If we have canada goose uk shop to be wary of rolling over, then, how much damage is it possible to salvage, following the actual current rules in game and keeping rollover in mind? Clearly it can be more than 4,294,967,295, and studying the formula a bit reveals a tighter limit: assuming the register could be contrived canada goose black friday sale to hold the absolute highest value it can safely store at the last potential rollover point, the best final damage result you can get out of buy canada goose jacket cheap that is 2,009,742,658.That would be ideal if it were possible to land exactly on that pre rollover point, but in order to get to cheap Canada Goose that point, the numbers would have to factor canada goose coats on sale cleanly, and they don always do that. The closest thing I been able to construct is the setup linked at the top, which achieves 2,009,741,660 damage missing just 998 points from that naive maximum.The fact that the goal Canada Goose online is no longer to simply combine the largest numbers you can possibly put together, but rather to pay heed Canada Goose Online to the rollover point and factorize specific numbers that get very close but don exceed it, means that this is vastly different than any prior setup that aimed Canada Goose Parka for maximum damage. Camerupt as the attacker is certainly unusual, but gets the nod based on a convenient typing and movepool. Even more unusual is the level: level 100 would cause an overflow, so it has to be level 88 instead (89 would work too, but nothing else).The item and move slots go to canada goose uk outlet Life Orb and Sniper, not because those are the biggest multipliers you can get out uk canada goose of those slots, but because their effects are specifically delayed until the end of the damage formula, after the last rollover checkpoint has been cleared, canada goose store and that what really matters as far as building it back up.So yeah. Your new max damage champion is a Camerupt using Sacred Fire. If that doesn blow your mind, maybe it blow your hump instead.I love Star Wars. Grew up with it, like so many people. But my heart wasn really in it these past few years. The Force Awakens was fun https://www.canadagoosesale.biz but completely forgettable, Rogue One was pretty good, but by the time The Last Jedi came out, I was only seeing it because my girlfriend and I had nothing better to do that day. I lost interest because the movies were getting so insanely pandering and predictable.Then cheap canada goose uk The Last Jedi comes along and blows me away. Utterly fantastic, incredible storytelling. My girlfriend and two close friends who also grew up on Star Wars but were losing interest loved it. We were raving about it.Then found out people hate it. And we still can figure out why. All the complaints www.canadagoosesale.biz people have are things that made the movie so terrific. It defied expectations, told one of the few stories in recent years that literally put me on the buy canada goose jacket edge of my seat, and made me feel like a kid again.

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