The circadian rhythm regulates the release of melatonin

The destruction of Indigenous communities and by extension, their lands, is only possible through deprivation of the power and violation of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being of Indigenous women.Furthermore, it has been said by many Indigenous activists and scholars that reclaiming the roles and responsibilities of women well as men in their community is integral to reclaiming self determination of their people and nationhood.As non Indigenous peoples who have participated or been complicit in the past and present colonization of Native peoples and their lands, it is paramount for us to support the work of Indigenous peoples in this regard. The survival of our species is interconnected with the healthy existence of Indigenous women because of their special relationship with the Earth.The 2nd volume of Honouring Indigenous Women’s booklet is the continuation of our solidarity efforts not only to broaden our all peoples understanding of the struggle of Indigenous women and their importance to our existence, but also to explore our responsibilities as non Indigenous women in our own decolonization and self determination process and take actions accordingly.Our goals are consistent with those of the Vol. 1 we strive to break the silence on the systemic violence experienced by Indigenous women and the racial stereotypes that have been perpetrated and perpetuated by colonialism.

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