If he tries and fails he have an angry disstrack for nothing

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Canada Goose Outlet We had an art teacher who really loves South Park, and it was noticable in the grades he gave. I completely shit at anything art related but drawing South Park is doable so when the assigment allowed it i would just draw those and collect a grade way above what i could usually hope canada goose outlet niagara falls to get. When it came to grades my no background drawing of officer Cartman was competing with real great drawings from people who probably grew up to be actual artists lol Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap He even has the i ain mad at cha lines in it though. I think they started backtracking on it after they realized nobody thought it was hard to finally respond to Pac after he was already gone. I remember seeing an interview on youtube some years ago with canada goose outlet ontario Big and Puff talking about Pac and the disses, i try to see if i can find it. They mentioned Big having a really strong diss that he wanted to drop (also after Pac died) but was advised against that by Puff and others. (Might also been that Long Kiss Goodnight was a watered down version of what Big wanted to drop originally, i not sure) buy canada goose jacket cheap

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canada goose store Come on he always claims to be the greatest rapper and dumb shit like that and actually has convinced his fans that there any truth to it. Responsible for trying to make hiphop as soft as it can possibly be, again helped by his fans who claim to be hiphop cause they listen to Drake. Now he even has OGs who on his payroll saying that diss tracks shouldn be too mean. canada goose store

If you can see how people might dislike Drakes influence on hiphop then i don really know what to say to you. Everyone would be fine with Drake making hits while staying in his poppy rap lane but he keeps trying to make it look like he is more than just a popstar and eventually people are gonna get annoyed by it.

canada goose coats on sale It kinda like if Young Thug made some more country sounding songs for us to then go and spam wherever country fans talk canada goose outlet store uk about country that Young Thug is the best to ever do it. Greatest country artist of all canada goose jacket outlet store time and shit. I wouldn be mad at country fans for going something like wait a minute what the fuck is going on here? We have a set of canada goose coats uk Country legends and Young Thug sure as fuck isn one of them. wouldn change my mind on me liking Young Thug more than (insert country artist here i dont really know any) but i also wouldn actually believe that Thug holds the top spot in country, like Drake fans seem to do in hiphop. canada goose coats on sale

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canada goose clearance sale They hadn had contact in a long time canada goose outlet website legit like OP says. Then one day she calls him, he picks up and she crying + there an angry boyfriend who has noticed she talking to other guys. The girl tried to make her boyfriend believe that all this time she was just talking to OP, that why the boyfriend asked him why she talking to OP all the time. Ofcourse the calls that the boyfriend is talking about where to other guys, she just called OP up to make him say they never had sex to make the boyfriend believe that she wasn being like that with other guys. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose clearance After that the girl spammed OP with calls that he didn answer. canada goose clearance

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But do Drake fans even believe that? I always see Drake fans pulling up his out of hiphop numbers in hiphop discussions as if the millions of girls liking his pop stuff is in any way relevant to what Drake represents in hiphop.

Drake is just the voice to the whole machine that set up behind him, not an authenthic rapper who is in the running of being the best. If you want to talk entertainer or biggest popstar it whatever but Drake is honestly too soft to keep trying to get into beefs trying to gain respect. He got a good thing going on and should maybe accept that when it comes to hiphop he at the best place he can be in his poppy rap lane, instead of trying to get in canada goose outlet toronto factory with the real MCs.

You can expect to build a carreer in beefing when a huge part of your fanbase wouldn even appreciate your disstracks if it doesn have enough funny lines and meme raps. Drake going gritty wouldn even be worth the risk because he never going to get the same following in hiphop as he gets Canada Goose UK Outlet from his fangirls. Might even lose support of girls if he tries to get on Push level of beefing. Going from safe fun popstar canada goose outlet los angeles to angry rapping deadbeat dad isn a good look for his brand. canada goose outlet london Drake isn fully invested in hiphop because most of the money is coming from outside and i doubt he canada goose outlet store toronto willing to put the image he created of him at risk to maybe have a tiny shot at beating Pusha. If he tries and fails he have an angry disstrack for nothing and would just show his fangirls that he not really like canada goose outlet legit what he wanted them to believe he was.

buy canada goose jacket Now don get me wrong, i like to see him reply to see what other stuff Push has lined up but i don see it happen. Drake just can act as impulsive as a pure rapper can, as canada goose outlet in chicago he has to keep his teenage fangirls in mind with every step he takes. buy canada goose jacket

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Canada Goose online But again, people enjoying Drake hits doesn speak on the respect he gets on a hiphop level. If Drake responds do you think he crank it up to Push levels? I don see how Drake can keep up such a gritty beef for a whole summer without a certain amount of girls starting to doubt if Drake is really the artist for them. His image is a huge part in his succes and i wouldn be surprised if a huge change like that would start to have effect on the blind support he gets from girls. But what would it be like after the summer? Canada canada goose outlet parka Goose online

canadian goose jacket If we assume the beef goes on then he be going from nice popstar to being called out for having a kid with a pornstar, leaving her to raise the kid on her own, who seems pissed off enough about it to go for a whole summer against a rapper the girls don even really know. things aren forever and i don think people are right about thinking Drake has as much freedom of choice as they think he does. His whole carreer has been strategically building up an image and not straying away from it too much. To act like going on a full summer of beefing (viscious beefing, Drake can solve this with jokes) because Pusha hurt him enough might just be straying too far away from that safe zone. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Jackets The more Drake puts into this beef the more legitimacy he give Push in the eyes of his female fanbase. I don see carrying on with this working out for Drake honestly. Canada Goose Jackets

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canada goose coats No, it is actually a smart play. When the person denies being your bro you can move the attention from the lawsuit to the new revelation that someone who you were sure to be your bro is in fact not your bro. You can accuse the person of faking to be your bro. If you have a cool judge they understand that you can really deal with the legal shit right now as you just been publically backstabbed by someone you once considered your bro. (If they don buy it you can still claim you thought you guys were bros based on a misunderstanding and not because of just lying under oath) canada goose coats

Multiple killers have used this smoke screen to escape the law

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Canada Goose sale I think everyone in the hip hop world loves Drake. Then I think they saw Drake lose in canadagoosediscount.co.uk a rap beef and some people don love drake anymore because much of the HH community, but ESPECAILLY r/HHH have short fucking memories. So short are their memories, in fact, that when Scorp drops people will canada goose jacket outlet toronto be all canada goose outlet store near me over Drake dick again most likely. Canada Goose sale

I don think rap beef actually means anything, it not like anyone gonna be sending some shooters, it not like Push gonna ruin drake career, and it not like anyone will care about canada goose outlet belgium Push after this, motherfucker been b list. So really I don think this changes anything and Push just looks like a petty MF that made fun canada goose outlet phone number of someone with a degenerative neurological disorder.

Canada Goose Parka You keep talking about Drake being „in over his head“ like what does that mean? Push found some incriminating information on him and let loose to the world, it doesn make him any better than he was or Drake any worse than he was, and it doesn change either of their stature in the hip hop world. Drake still the king and I ain even a drake fan (really I think Future the king). Canada Goose Parka

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cheap Canada Goose You not making a strong case after telling me not to call you things and then saying this. So you honestly believe that everyone in hiphop loves Drake but that they also be so quick to go against him? canada goose outlet in uk It never came up in your mind that there alot of people who don really fuck with Drake as much as you who just had to canada goose vest outlet wait for a rapper to take him on since there wasn much to say canada goose outlet black friday sale before about Drake who has been trying to keep his image squeaky clean? Just because you see people loving Drake in a thread about him dropping a song doesn mean everyone loves Drake lmao just like when there a thread about Drake getting stomped doesn mean that it just all undercover Drake fans who turned on him cheap Canada Goose.

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