As I placed Canada Goose online it at the altar

canada goose Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Mahotsavam

A day of celebration or mourning?The 24th of April every year is significant for those who love or revere Sri Sathya Sai Baba. It is on this day in 2011 that He ‚died‘. The quotes for that word are because someone who embodied eternal values of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non Violence can never ‚die‘. Canada Goose sale He continues to live on in the hearts of people who hold Him dear. However, the Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Mahotsavam, as the day is called, often brings Canada Goose Parka pangs of pain and tears of lamentation for many because they miss their Swami in their midst.

Canada Goose Parka Strangely, this anniversary of His ‚passing‘ has been termed a ‚Mahotsavam‘ which translates into ‚great festival‘. Why this irony? Isn’t it buy canada goose jacket sprinkling salt on a wound by terming a day of mourning as a day of celebration? What is one expected to do on such a day and how should canada goose store one celebrate it?

cheap Canada Goose In 2012, exactly one year after that earth shattering day, I got ready and prepared myself for the solemn canada goose ceremony at Prasanthi Nilayam in Puttaparthi.

Canada Goose Jackets Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Mahotsavam experience of 2012Waking up early in the morning, I got dressed in the traditional white shirt canada goose coats and Canada Goose Coats On Sale white trousers after a bath. It was already 7:00 am and I had to hurry to mandir. As I served some Semiya (Indian vermicelli) canada goose uk outlet for myself, my mother called out,

„Have you kept breakfast for Swami?“

It had become a practice at home to offer food and water to Swami’s photograph canadian goose jacket in the canada goose uk black friday altar in an attempt to feel Canada Goose Jackets His presence at home. So, I took the special silver plate uk canada goose and served vermicelli on to it. As I placed Canada Goose online it at the altar, I noticed the silver tumbler there had water from the previous day. I took the consecrated water, poured it into my glass and filled the tumbler with fresh water canada goose factory sale for Swami. That was when a thought crossed my mind.

Canada Goose sale When people invited Swami to visit their canada goose clearance sale homes, Swami would often say,

buy canada goose jacket cheap „You want me to be at your home but you do not give me food and water!“

That was His way of reminding people that His was a constant and unseen presence in every home. Desperately hoping to feel that in my home, I told canada goose black friday sale Him in my head,

„Swami, keeping food and water for you is a maintenance job. It is noticed only when it is not done! There is no appreciation if food is kept daily, but if it is missed, You complain!“

I smiled to myself as I said this. Since Puttaparthi summer temperatures get searing, I added half a glass of chilled uk canada goose outlet water, placed the silver tumbler at the altar and said,

Canada Goose Outlet „There, cool water for a hot day.“

I then gobbled breakfast and soon, the four of us, my mother, my father, Pooja and I, left for the mandir. The other three planned to have breakfast after the morning programme in the mandir.

buy canada goose jacket Being part of the Radiosai team, canada goose parka the official media coverage unit for the mandir in the Ashram, it was also my professional duty to cover the day’s proceedings.

The students‘ music programme brought copious tears in my eyes. They were singing all of Swami’s favorite songs and there were beautiful visuals of Him on canada goose coats on sale the TVs and giant screens. Seeing it was such nostalgia that one wished to keep one’s eyes fixed only on the cheap Canada Goose screen and forget everything else. But sadly, I could not do that for I was manning a camera! Those beautiful 30 minutes were followed by the book release and then the governor’s cheap canada goose uk speech. His speech took everyone by a storm almost.

canada goose deals He simply discarded the speech paper which had been prepared and spoke straight from the heart. He made it clear that he had not come as the governor but as ‚an admirer of Swami‘. He said, „I am ashamed that whole governments are not able to do for the people what a single individual did. Swami is such a positive force that He gave a fantastic meaning even for vices. He said that one must have Kama (desire) for service, Krodha (anger) if one is not able to serve and Lobha (greed) to serve more and Matsarya (jealousy) towards those who are able to serve more!

Shedding tears he recalled how Swami cured someone very dear to him with just one statement, „Don’t worry! Nothing will happen.“ And canada goose uk shop as the governor choked, the ruthless press photographers clicked away, firing flashes into him.

„I am sorry I am getting emotional“ the man apologised, „I simply cannot help it.“

I was in tears. I was thinking that Swami is a real silent worker. Without the slightest announcement or advertisement He was transforming and changing lives everywhere. And I missed Him!

canada goose clearance sale I missed Him with all my being. My heart pined and ached for Him. Ah Swami! How Canada Goose Outlet much I desire to see you.

And then, the governor said, „Swami should not be seen! He should be experienced!“

canada goose black friday sale A Divine reminderIt was as if Swami was slapping an answer to me. I wiped my tears but they refused to stop. I then remembered all the assurances of Swami.

canada goose store „I am always in you, above you, around you, below you and with you.“

canadian goose jacket „You may leave me, but I will never leave you till I deliver you to your destination which is yourself.“

canada goose clearance I felt better. My heart welled in gratitude and love for Him. I felt blessed that Swami had given me the chance of knowing Him and recognising His divinity. Really! Aren’t we blessed to know that the Lord is in our midst? This is one aspect where I feel that ignorance is definitely not bliss!

Swami’s discourse was the final part of the programme. Swami exhorted everyone to see Him in all and ’never let God out of your lives‘. After that moving session in the mandir, I was returning with my dad on my motorbike when I met mom and Pooja at the coconut seller.

Canada Goose online As we stopped there, Pooja told me,

„You know, today I missed Him so much! I cried so much during the programme.“

canada goose coats on sale The same was the canada goose clearance story with my mom too. Dad, the wisest in such matters, had a smile on His face. It was as if he was returning after having had Swami’s darshan in Canada Goose Online the mandir buy canada goose jacket cheap.

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